Confirm attendance at your events

Now you have created and published your NPO's event and the first registrations are starting to come in. In addition to tracking registrations and payments, Yapla also allows you to track participation through attendance confirmation.

Why confirm the presence of participants?

Confirming the presence of registrants at your events will allow you to track the actual participation in the events you organize. This has two benefits:

  • Having a history of participants at your events (members or non-members)

Example: you could easily identify which members are actually coming to your events to build loyalty.

  • Target communications to actual participants of your events.

Example: you could send a newsletter with photos of the event only to people who were present at the event.

Are you interested? Then let's see how to confirm the presence of your participants.

How to confirm the presence of participants?

First go to the registration list of your event: Event > Registration list.

Select the attendee(s) present at your event to the left of their registration.

Then click on the Available actions button at the bottom right and select Confirm presence.


There you go! You have just confirmed the presence of your participants ✅

You can also perform the opposite action by selecting Unconfirm presence.

View the presence field

Confirming or Infirming the presence of your registrants will automatically update the Present field in the registrant's registration.

To view this field you can add it to your forms. To do this select an event, then go to "Forms" and select a form to modify.


In the list of "Available fields" click on the "Present field" and hold down.

Drag the field to the form and drop it at the desired position.

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