Configure user accounts

Want to add, remove or modify a user account to your Yapla platform? One of your users has lost his password and can't reset it? Want to view the login history of one of your users? Here's how to find your way around.

Configure users

Where to configure users?

You can go to configure user accounts by going to the account Settings menu, located at the bottom left of the screen. Then click on Users and licenses.


Adding an account

You can add a user by clicking on the "Add user" button at the bottom right of the screen.


You will then be able to create the user by filling in the following information:

  • First name - The user's first name
  • Last name - The name of the user
  • Email - The email address used to log in and receive communications.
  • Phone number - The user's phone number
  • Photo - Photo of the user who displays in the interface
  • Default language - Default language when logging in
  • Time zone - Used to display times in the administration

Editing a user account

Once the user has been created, you can access his folder to modify his configurations. You will have access to his profile to modify basic information as well as to its Role, Group, Password and Login History. 



Modify a role 

In order to change a user's role, you can click on the "Roles" tab. You will then be able to assign the user's role, which will define their permissions.  The three native roles of the platform are Administrator, Manager and User. If you want to know the permissions of these roles, you can go to the role menu in the user list.


Forgot your password?

If one of your users has forgotten their password, they can always reset it on the Yapla login screen.


However, if you want to send the link directly to a user, you can use the Request password reset button and the user will receive a reset link by email.


Login History

You can view the history of user connections to the platform at this location.


Deactivate a user

To disable a user, click on the scroll wheel to the right of the user's name in the user list and select the "Suspend" option.


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