Create discount codes for your events

Discount codes allow you to offer your participants a discount on the amount of their registration. A code can be used an unlimitted number of times, but only visitors who know the code will be able to use it.


To create discount codes, open the event where you want to add discounts and choose on the "Prices" menu. Then click Discount Codes in the top menu and on the Add a discount code button, in the bottom right corner.


In the "Code" field, enter the code you wish to use. The code must be between 5 and 10 characters long (be careful not to use a code that is too easy to guess).

In the "Amount" field, enter the amount of the discount (if the discount is higher than the rate, the cost of the registration will be 0$).

Activate the quantity limit if you don't want your code to be used in an unlimited way (option available from Orbite).

Finally, in the "Accounting item name" field, if you are using the accounting application, select the accounting item associated with your rebates. You can also select the an accounting project.

When you are done, save your changes. The discount codes will be active until the end of the subscription periods.


Applying the discount to certain rates only

Following its creation, the discount will be applied by default to all event prices. To restrict the use of the discount code, open the Prices menu and select a rate to modify. You will be able to select only the codes that apply or select no codes at all if this rate is not applicable to discounts.


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