Create discount codes for your events

Discount codes allow you to offer your participants a discount on their registration amount. A code can be used indefinitely. Only users who know the code can use it. This is an offer you can put in place as part of a partnership with another organization or NPOs, for example, or when you want to give away free tickets to event participants.

Create a discount code

To create discount codes, open the event in question. Then click on the Prices tile. In the menu on the page that appears, select Discount codes, then click on Add a discount Code in the bottom right-hand corner.


In the Code field, enter the code you'll be distributing. It should be between 5 and 10 characters long (avoid codes that are too easy to guess).

In the Amount field, enter the amount of the discount (if the discount is greater than the price, the cost of registration drops to €0).

Activate a quantity limit if you don't want your code to be used indefinitely (option available with the Plus package).

Finally, in the Accounting item field, if you are using the Accounting feature, select the accounting item associated with your reductions.

When you have finished, click Save to save your changes. Codes will remain active until registrations are completed.

How do I apply the discount to one or more prices?

Once the discount code has been created, you need to apply the discount to the prices for your event.

To activate it and apply the discount code to one or more prices, open the Prices tile. Select the price of your choice. Then go to the bottom of the page and, in the section Coupons prices, tick the Active box to activate the discount on that price.

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Going further: managing event registration periods

Limiting the registration period for your event also determines your registration prices. For example, you can decide that last-minute buyers pay a different amount than those who register early. Here's an article to help you set your registration periods: Creating and managing registration periods.

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