Pay an invoice with pending payment (membership, donations, events...)

When you receive a payment by check or bank transfer, the invoice is pending payment and is indicated in the accounting with the status "Balance due".

How to validate an invoice when you have received the payment?

To change the status of your "Balance due" invoice to "Paid", go to "Accounting" > "Bills" and select a payment with the status "Balance due".


After selecting a payment, at the bottom of the page, click on "Pay".


Once you have clicked on "Pay", select the payment method and then fill in the wire transfer reference or check number. Then click on "Update Membership" if the payment is for a membership or "Update the registration" if the payment is for event registration.


By following this process, the payment will change from "Balance due" to "Paid" status 

How do I validate an invoice when it is a donation?

Unlike the payment of membership or event registration, when a donation has been paid by check or bank transfer, we cannot validate the invoice directly in the accounting. To validate the payment of a donation, go to the donation campaign and select the menu with the list of donors 


Once in the menu, select the donor who has a donation with the status "pending payment".


Once you are in the donor's file, you will be able to validate the payment by clicking on "Pay" at the bottom right.


Then, all you have to do is choose the payment method and enter the bank transfer reference or the check number and confirm the payment to validate the donation.


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