Frequently Asked Questions about Authentication

How long does it take to validate my authentication?

Validation of the authentication is managed by the Stripe Connect Onboarding platform. Minimal information is required to pass a first level of authentication and start collecting and receiving money. 

However, authentication is progressive and you will be asked to return to the external platform to fill in additional information.

Warning, until your account is completely validated and verified, your account may be blocked and you will no longer be able to collect and receive money. Be aware of messages on the Yapla dashboard asking you to change your authentication.



Can I start collecting memberships, donations... even if my Yapla account is not authenticated?

Yes, you can start collecting memberships, donations... with Yapla, even if your association is not yet authenticated.

However, we cannot transfer your revenue to your bank account until your authentication is validated.  Authenticate your account to retrieve your revenue.



What do I risk if I don't authenticate my account?

Legally, you risk nothing, but your account becomes limited.

You cannot receive your receipts on your bank account, nor issue your tax receipts.

However, if you do not fill in the authentication information requested within 15 days after starting the process, transactions will be impossible on your site and in Yapla.


Can I be authenticated if I am not the association's agent?

Even if you are not the association's agent, you have the option to complete the authentication request in the place of the agent.

To do so, you will need to be in possession of the list of requested information and enter the information relating to the association's agent.


I prefer not to give my social insurance number on the Internet

We understand perfectly. This information is used to verify your identity to prevent fraud or money laundering. If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information, you can fill in only the last 4 digits of the number.


My association does not yet have a bank account, could I still proceed with authentication, using my personal account for example?

In order for your authentication to be validated, you must have an account in the name of your association. You can therefore under no circumstances use another bank account other than that of the association.


Is the authentication of my association definitive?

The authentication of your association is validated and verified by Stripe. Once the authentication is complete, Stripe may ask to update information or documents if they are coming to an end. If this is the case, you will be notified of the update via your dashboard on Yapla.

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