How do I update the __account:website__ keyword in my communications?

When you create your Yapla account, the communications are automatically created with predefined texts. In order to have the right information in them, we use keywords to automatically retrieve the information from your account.

This is the case of the keyword __ACCOUNT:WEBSITE__ which uses the address of the website that you have entered in the Configuration/Your organization section of your account.

You can modify this url in several ways:

  • Update the website address entered in the Configuration/Your organization form. This will update the address wherever the keyword __ACCOUNT:WEBSITE__ is used. It is possible to use a website that has not been created on Yapla.
  • Change the keyword in the communication. All the websites available in your account can be found in Website Keywordswebsite-keywords.png
  • Replace the keyword with the url of your choice. The advantage of this option is that you will be able to direct your contacts to any page of your site, rather than to the home page

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