How do I follow up with my contacts for my event or donation campaign?

Yapla's newsletters allow you to easily announce your activities but also to follow up afterwards. Thanks to the newsletters, you can quickly communicate with your participants or donors but also with those who have not yet participated.

Communicate with your participants or donors

Each time someone registers for your event, the event's system group is automatically associated with their profile. When a donation is made, the campaign's system group and the "Donors" group are associated with the contact.

It is therefore possible to use this information in your newsletters to communicate with these people. Make sure your contacts are in sync.

Then, create a simple filter on the Yapla Group field that matches the name of your group.


Follow up with your contacts

After you have opened the registration or donation process, you can make a second announcement to your contacts. However, you will probably want to exclude those who have already registered or donated. Still with the simple filters, you can get this list by using the "different" criteria.


This will create a list of all contacts that do not have the system group in their profile.

To go further

Complex filters allow you to combine several criteria to get an even more accurate list. For example, you could create a list of participants who have registered for two different events or members who have not donated to your campaign.


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