How do I turn my simplified membership campaign into an ongoing campaign?

You have created a simplified membership campaign and several members have signed up. Over time, this may no longer meet your needs and you want to switch to an ongoing campaign.

You can activate ongoing campaigns and start from scratch but you can also convert your simplified campaign so that your existing members have access to a member area and can renew their membership.

In order to convert your campaign, continuous campaigns must not already be activated in your account. If they are active but have no members, you can temporarily deactivate them, the time to make the transfer, via the menu Settings/Features/Members of your account.

In your campaign, click on the Configuration tile.


At the bottom of the page, press the Convert my campaign button.


Depending on the number of members in your simplified membership campaign, there could be a delay of a few minutes. Yapla will convert all your members and configurations (forms, memberships, communications), then delete the simplified campaign.

Frequently asked questions

I have already activated my ongoing campaign, how do I transfer my members?
You can use the import wizard to re-import the members of your simplified campaigns into your repository.


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