How to add a button to my newsletter

"Call to action" buttons allow you to draw your readers' attention to a link and thus increase your click rate. However, newsletters are more technically limited than websites and the techniques to have a button are therefore different. Here are 2 ways to have buttons in your communications.

Using an image

Although it requires a little more work if you want to change the text regularly, the image will allow you to have exactly the same visual on all platforms. It will also be possible to add more advanced technical details, such as rounded corners or a gradient effect. Make sure your file name does not contain any spaces or special characters and don't forget to add a link to your image.

Using a link

This technique allows you to turn any link into a button. First create your link, then in the link edit window, click on the "Advanced" tab and locate the "Style" field in the lower right corner.


In this field, paste the following code:

display:inline-block;text-decoration:none!important;color:#ffffff!important;background-color:#777777;border:10px solid #777777;

This will result in a dark grey button with white text. To change the button color, replace #777777 with the color of your choice. To change the color of the text, replace #ffffff with the color of your choice.

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