How to disconnect from Yapla to release a license?

With Yapla, it is possible to add an unlimited number of users. Users must have a license available at the time of login. A license is like a token, when a user connects, he uses a token (license) and when he disconnects, he releases a token (license). 

If a user leaves the page or browser without logging out, Yapla will end the session 6 hours after the last activity of the user. However, it is possible to release a license immediately by using the logout.  Here is the procedure to log out of Yapla.

Disconnect your own account

Go to your Yapla profile from the dashboard:


Click on your name or picture to access the logout.


Disconnect a colleague's account

In the Settings menu, click on Users and Licenses.


Then click on the Licenses submenu.


At the bottom of this page, you will see the list of all users connected in your Yapla account.


It is possible to disconnect any account (except yours) by clicking on the action wheel on the right of the name.


Warning: The disconnection will be immediate and the user could lose his work. To avoid possible conflicts, check the last activity date to know when the person did his last action in Yapla.


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