Send a manual communication to an element

The communications that are sent from Data are sent automatically according to the status. There is one exception and that is the manual message communication. This is initiated by you at a time that suits you.

How to use the manual message?

Add the new communication

You have to create a manual message communication as you would do with any other type of communication. 



Reminder: Using the communications application

Send the communication

As soon as a "Manual message" communication is created, a "Send communication" button is present at the bottom of the form for each element.


Only the item displayed on the screen is concerned by the sending. All you have to do is confirm your wish to send the communication.

When should I use the Manual message?

This type of communication can be used in several cases such as :

  • sending a communication to a specific person 
  • sending a document to certain people only
  • sending an invoice

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