Preparing your import

When setting up your account, Yapla will allow you to import your existing members, either data from another software or information that you have prepared by hand.

In both cases, you will need an .xlsx file, with one line for each item. The name of the columns does not need to be the same as the field in Yapla, because you can map each element using the import wizard.

You can use any file, including an export from another management software. It is, however, important to respect the following rules:

  • Only the first tab of the file will be imported
  • The file must be simple, without any formatting (colors, borders, etc)
  • Cell lines must not be highlighted
  • Cells must not be merged together
  • The file must not contain any macros
  • Avoid empty lines at the end of the file, as they may create unwanted entries in your account.

If in doubt about any of these points, you can select the data you want to import and copy it into a new file, using the Paste Values function, to clean up your data. This will give you a file that contains only the information for your import.
Once you have your file, make sure that all the fields you want to import are already created in Yapla. You can then launch your import.

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