Add a webhook to a campaign to synchronize donations received in Yapla with external software

A webhook triggers an API alert if certain conditions are met and forwards it to another system, allowing for the automatic synchronization of two systems, like updating your donors' information in your organization's external CRM. Yapla is an example of a system that sends an alert when the following event is triggered:

  • New donation
  • Modification of donation

Setting up the webhook

To create your donation webhook, go to Advanced Functions within your donation campaign.


Select the "Webhooks" tab.


Then click on "Add a webhook" and 

  • Select the trigger condition.
  • Name the webhook.
  • Enter the url where to address that the condition has been fulfilled.
    • This URL corresponds to the place where the data should be sent (external system). 
  • Select the language.
  • Provide an e-mail address for error report communication.


Save it! Your webhook is now configured. All future donations will be automatically sent to the URL you entered.

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