Import custom groups for your members

Custom groups can give you many advantages with your members, such as sending a newsletter to a specific list or creating a section on your website reserved for certain people only. However, it can be tedious to manually add groups to your members. It is possible to speed up this task using the import wizard.


Preparing the file

Before you start, make sure that all the groups you will need are created in your account.

Groups can be imported as part of a complete import of your members or separately. In both cases, your file will have to contain a unique identifier to differentiate your members (Email, Member number, etc) and the group code(s). If you want to assign more than one group to your members, separate them with a comma.


To know the list of codes to use, consult the table in step 1 of the import wizard.


Importing groups

Proceed with the import by following the instructions for importing members. In step 2, link the column of your file containing the groups with the field "Member's custom groups".


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