The province field is not working in my form

You have placed a native field Province in a form and it doesn't work? Don't panic! The most common cause is simply the absence of the native field Country

Province field

How does the province field work?

The province field will display the province choices available for Canada as well as for other countries, for example, states for the United States. Therefore, you must fill in the country so that Yapla can propose the appropriate regions. 

The province field does not display or does not allow me to select a province.

Since the province field works by using the country native field to provide the appropriate choices, it is necessary to use the country native field in your form if you wish to use the province native field.

Custom fields 

If you have created a custom field to enter the country instead of the native field, the province native field will not be able to detect the appropriate provinces to propose. It is therefore relevant to check that you are using the country native field if the province native field is still not working.


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