How to invite a member to make a donation after paying for membership?

Do you want to invite your members to make a donation when they join or renew their membership?

Yapla offers several solutions to meet this need.

Add a link to a donation campaign in the automatic communications 

You can create a donation campaign via the Donations application on Yapla, to learn more about this application: First steps - Donations application

Once your donation campaign has been created, you can add the link to your donation campaign page in the automatic communications that are sent after the membership. To learn more about the communications and how to modify them: 

This solution allows you to issue tax receipts via the donation campaign if you wish. 

Add membership options

You can set up membership options to allow your members to make a donation along with their membership.

Learn more about creating options and adding them to memberships: 

This solution does not allow you to issue tax receipts, but you can separate donations into a different accounting line item than memberships.

Allowing to set a free price for your memberships (from the Essentials plan)

You can allow your members to set a price higher than the membership price. This amount can be considered as a donation but the total amount is subject to taxes AND paid in the same accounting item.

To learn more about setting the open price in memberships, here is the online help article that explains it:

This solution does not allow tax receipts to be issued, nor does it allow donations to be separated into a different accounting line item than memberships. 

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