Which package for my NPO?

Yapla aims at being the most used association platform in the world because of its simplicity, its rich functionality and the quality of its customer support. Our packages are built accordingly.

We have been working with NPOs for over 10 years, we understand their missions, their needs and their constraints. By nature, a vast majority of them have significant financial constraints. This is why we make it a point to offer Yapla at the lowest possible price.

4 packages according to your needs

The Yapla platform is marketed under 4 packages. Free, Essentials, Plus and Premium.

Always in the spirit of offering a payment and management platform to as many NPOs as possible, we offer the Free package at no cost. It is common to find on the market free versions of software that have limited functionalities or that limit the use to a certain number of occurrences. This is why, at Yapla, we are proud to offer you the Free package by taking care of your banking fees. In exchange, we offer your users the possibility to leave us a tip when they make a payment. Without obligation and with a free amount, this tip allows us to cover the transaction fees imposed by the banks.

The first steps to digitize your NPO

The Free plan offered free of charge, is rich in features. It allows you to manage the three main activities of an NPO: managing membership campaigns, selling event tickets and organizing donation campaigns. In a few minutes and by letting you guide by our short instructions paths, you are able to have a highly secured web page allowing you to collect your members' data and to receive online payments.

This package is for NPOs that want to launch themselves into the digital world, or in some cases, catch up. For some, the functions offered with the Free plan are sufficient. Our promise is that with this package, you will be able to manage your online activities, save time, and centralize your data.

Grow gradually with Yapla

Yapla is built to allow you to progressively digitize your activities. The next plan, Essentials, offered at only $19 per month, gives you the possibility to create a website, consolidate your contacts, send newsletters and manage your accounting. In other words, this package allows you to digitize all your activities.

With all these features in hand, you save money by not having to pay for the hosting of your website, your newsletter software or your accounting software. Moreover, Yapla synchronizes your data between each feature to save you time.

Yapla, an all-in-one platform

Now comes the Plus plan, which is designed for NPOs that want to optimize the benefits of digital technology in their daily life. With this plan, the vast majority of business rules can be automated. NPOs that use this package explain that they have an almost instantaneous return on investment, due to a reduction in the administrative tasks of their teams.

All the functions needed by employer NPOs

Yapla was originally created for large NPOs with complex functional needs. With the Premium plan, it is possible to create roles for each user or to manage accrual accounting. Moreover, a team of YAPLA specialists is available to accompany this type of organization in their digitization. Just write to us at bonjour@yapla.com to tell us about your needs.

An offer available for federations

The Premium plan also allows you to manage a federation and its associations. A central database is created for the federation managers to simplify their management and better communicate with their members.

An offer adapted to your needs that accompanies you over time

Whatever package you use, our customer success team is there to answer your questions and help you use the platform.
Throughout the life of your NPO, Yapla will meet your expectations.


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