How to communicate to the participants of an event?

For each event, the platform offers automatic communications that can be sent based on triggers. This function is perfect to communicate, for example, a reminder to all participants.

To learn more about automatic event communications, please read this article: How event and activity communications work.


It is also possible to use the Newsletter feature to communicate to participants by integrating all event registrants into a group with the same name as the event. This group can then be called by a filter.

Please note: If you do not ask for the participants' email addresses, this will prevent the system from working.

If you ask for the email addresses, the platform will be able to automatically create groups of contacts associated with each of your events (as it exists today for your active members).

This system will also work with events open to the public and non-member registrants.

Therefore, it is recommended to ask for the email address when registering for your events, which will allow the platform to create groups automatically.

To learn more about how to create Yapla Group filters, read this article: Basic filters.

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