Add options to your membership types

Yapla allows you to add options to your membership rates in order to offer additional purchases or selections to your members in addition to their membership. Sell additional services to your members easily : branded merchandise , insurance, press review & much more...

Setting up your options

The first thing you will need to do is set up all the options for your membership types. To do this, go to the "Membership settings" tile in your campaign:


Once in your membership settings, you will have the ability to create your options by clicking the "Add Option" button in the lower right corner of the page.

Three pieces of information can then be filled in:

  • The name of your option;
  • The description of your option;
  • The price of your option.

The name of your option should clearly indicate the nature of the option.

The description appears when the option is selected and offers more details about it.

For the price configuration, you have three options:

  • Free - If the option is free and only needed for additional selection;
  • Fixed price - If the option keeps the same price throughout the period of your membership type;
  • Variable Price - If the option changes price during the period of your membership type. It is possible to add multiple periods to have the price gradually decrease over the period of your membership type. Simply enter the date when the change will take place and the new price for the new period.


Assigning your options to your membership types

Once you have created your options, you will need to assign your options to the corresponding membership type. Please note that if an option will be used for multiple membership types, there is no need to duplicate your options. You will be able to use the same option for multiple rates.

To do so, go to the "membership types" tile of your campaign:


Then, go to the "options" tab of your membership types where you can click on "add an option".

You will then be able to choose the options to assign to the membership type you are on as well as the selection condition according to the membership status of the person signing up as a member. The three conditions are:


Not Applicable - If the option is not offered in a specific context;
Mandatory - If the option must be selected to complete the purchase of that membership type;
Optional - If the option is not mandatory for the purchase of that type of membership.

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