How to create simplified membership campaigns? [Guide]

The simplified membership campaign mode allows you to manage one or more membership campaigns to collect enrollments during a specific period.  To launch enrollments, you must create an initial campaign.

Step 1: Creating a membership campaign

Once you are logged in to your Yapla account, click on Members in the left menu. Then click on Create a membership campaign.

You will then need to fill in the following information:

  • Name: The name of your campaign, as it will appear to your members
  • Description: The description allows you to display additional text on your site. For example, the benefits of enrollment or what it includes.
  • Registration period: The start and end dates of the registration period. It will not be possible to register before or after this period. Note that while the start date is mandatory (and can be in the past), the end date can be left blank if you do not wish to close enrollment for that campaign.

After filling in the information, click Next.

Step 2: Customize the form

You will be able to customize the form for your members to fill out by adding all the information you need.

Once you have customized your form, you will need to create the membership(s) that will be offered to your members. You can create one type of membership if all your members have the same rate and benefits, or multiple types if you offer different rates or groups. If you create multiple membership types, members will be able to choose when they sign up.

Step 3: Share your campaign

Your campaign is online, you can now view your page, modify it if you wish and distribute it to your network!

When you click on Modify under the page preview, you will access a page allowing you to customize :

  • The logo of your association displayed on this page
  • The colours of the page
  • The font used

Once your campaign has been created, it can be modified at any time via the Campaigns sub-menu of the Members function.


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