What is the difference between a simplified membership campaign and an ongoing campaign?

There are two ways to manage memberships in Yapla. The simplified membership campaign mode and the ongoing membership campaign mode.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a web page with one or more membership rates, one or more dedicated forms, and a payment process.

A campaign allows you to digitize and automate your membership system in a few clicks: sending a message with the invoice, online registration path, customizable form, and configurable rates.

Each campaign generates a unique database that you can use (search, modify and export to Excel).

It is therefore possible to manage several campaigns according to sports practices (a Dance Campaign and a Gymnastics Campaign for example) or to manage annual campaigns (2021 Membership vs. 2022 Membership)

A campaign allows you to manage options and discount codes for each type of membership.

Simplified membership campaign

The main advantage of the simplified mode (apart from its simplicity) is the possibility to bypass the renewal and member space creation system on Yapla.

If this feature is very practical for some associations, for others it is a hindrance to use. The simplified mode therefore requires fewer settings at startup.

It allows you to automate a certain number of tasks from the Essentials plan (e.g. accounting) while limiting the investment time needed to set up an online registration and payment system.

The integration of a campaign on a Yapla website is not possible via website modules. It is necessary to use the single page or the IFRAME.

As the member does not create a space with the campaign functionalities, he cannot have a preferential rate for your events.

The use of simplified campaigns is highly recommended for the following cases:

  • First experience in online registration and payment, the association is moving from a paper / traditional system to a digitalized and automated system
  • Sports associations
  • Small associations
  • Urgent need to launch a registration campaign
  • I manage individuals, who do not necessarily have email. My objective is to collect information and/or payments. I don't need a member area, nor restricted areas.

Ongoing membership campaign

The ongoing membership campaign, available with the Essentials plan, allows you to manage a database of members over time. This involves giving your members the ability to renew their memberships. This mode is often used by professional associations or organizations that continuously manage their members over time.

The Essentials plan offers a multitude of features, such as the ability to create a secure area on your website for your members.


Difference between the two types of campaigns

  Simplified membership campaign Ongoing membership campaign
Ability to create multiple campaigns at the same time or continuously X  
Database of members   X
Ability to create multiple membership types X X
Renewal of memberships year after year   X
Customized form X X
Ability to offer options when purchasing a membership X X
Multi-registration for families X X
Online sales and refunds X X
Excel export of your members X X
Validation workflows   X
Automated personalized communications   X
Customized documents (certificates, membership cards, etc.)   Premium Plan
Automatically generated web page to collect your memberships and fees X X
Member Area module on your Yapla website   X
Pages on your website made accessible to members only   X
Preferential rates at your events for your members   X
Import of members and their memberships   X


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