Customize the form for your membership campaign

The membership form can be customized during the creation of the campaign or even after the launch of the registrations. This is the information that the member will have to provide when joining. The information collected from this form will be accessible in your member database, in the Members application of Yapla.

To modify the form of an existing campaign, you can access it via the Campaigns sub-menu of the Members application. Then click on the Forms tile.

Yapla already offers you a number of fields that you can use as you wish. If these fields do not suit you, you can create as many as you like and add them to your form.

Here are the details of the possibilities available to you:

1: modify or remove a field from your form under construction

2: create a new field that is not already available in the drop-down list above

3: drag and drop a field to add it to your form

4 : drag and drop a field to move it in your form

5: organize the structure of your form by adding sections



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