How do you associate a parent or person in charge with a member?

Does your association offer activities for children or, more generally, do you have members who need a mentor to oversee their membership? Let's look at how to associate a parent or guardian with your members.

Generally speaking, when a new member joins, the information you collect is only about that person. However, if your member is minor or legally incompetent, you need to collect information about their guardian (email, phone, etc.).

For example, if Mrs. Martin wants to register her daughter to dance, she will fill in the information specific to her daughter (The member: first name, last name, age if necessary, etc.). Since Mrs. Martin is the one who manages her daughter's registration, she will have to add her own contact information, as the referent. Thus, she will appear in her daughter's member file and she will receive the automatic emails.

There are two possibilities to activate the referrer in Yapla.

1. Activate the parent's information input during the member's registration

To collect the referrer's information when registering your member, you must activate the box Request the contact of a parent or referent for this type of membership.




From the Essentials plan, it is possible to modify the referent form.


2. Parent automatically activated for a member without mail

It is possible not to require the response to the email field in your member's form or to remove it completely from the form. In simplified campaign mode, the person in charge is activated by default if the email is not filled in. The information from the payment step is then used as the referrer.


Good to know

Only if the member does not have an email, the parent or guardian will receive automatic communications.

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