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Once you've created your membership campaign, you need to share it with your community so your members can join online.

Here are 3 key steps to sharing your campaign! 


1. Get your campaign link

When your membership campaign is created, Yapla automatically generates a web page that allows your future members to join online. This page can be useful if you don't have a website for example.  The monopage can be shared via the redirection link that will direct your members to the membership campaign page in question.

If you are using a simplified membership campaign, here's how you can manage your webpage.

To access the link of your campaign as well as the different options of diffusion of the latter, click on "Members" in the main menu on the left of your screen. Then click on the Settings tab, and click on the "Share your membership campaign" tile.



Here you will find three ways to share your membership campaign. This is where you will find the link to your membership campaign.



2. Share your membership campaign

Now that you have access to the different options for sharing your campaign, it's time to let your community know that membership is open!

There are several options available to you, for example, you can make a post on your social networks, share your campaign directly on your website via an article, or integrate it into your newsletters. 


Social networks 

The option to share your membership campaign on your social networks allows you to automatically create a publication with your campaign and it allows you to write a personalized message within the social network used.


Please remember to check that you are sharing your campaign via your association's social network accounts and not your personal accounts. 



Don't forget that the Yapla Newsletter application is your best ally when it comes to communicating with your community. We, therefore, encourage you to prepare a special newsletter to launch your membership campaign. 

To put all the chances on your side and have more impact, don't hesitate to present the year's objectives and all the benefits that your members will enjoy by joining your organization. 

You can also hide the link of your membership campaign behind a nice little button that will probably encourage your contacts to click and discover your campaign like this for example:




3. Embed your membership campaign page directly on your website 

Unlike the single page link, embedding the page directly within your website prevents your members from being redirected to a page external to your website.  With Yapla's integration feature, you can generate an IFRAME.

This is a window to an existing web page from another web page and interactions will be possible directly from it. 


To integrate this IFRAME into your website, you just have to copy and paste the piece of HTML code into an HTML zone of your website. This is possible on a Yapla website or an external website! 

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