Why don't my images appear when I send my newsletter?

Do you want to add images to your newsletter?

It is possible to do so. We recommend that you test your newsletter before sending it to your users. It is possible that your images will appear correctly in the application, but that they will not appear when sent by email.

Here are the elements to respect for the display of images when sending a newsletter:


Name of the image

The name of the image must not contain spaces, accents or special characters. Make sure the images are named correctly before adding them to your newsletter.


Image size

Avoid using images that are too large. The maximum width of a newsletter is 700px for an image area and 660px for a content area. An image that is too large will be distorted and will not be viewed properly in emails. In addition, an image that is too heavy may slow down the display of the newsletter.


To learn more about image optimization, read this article.


Send a test

The best way to see if the images appear in your newsletter is to send a test via email, here is how to do it.


Image display link in an email

Check if the images are in the email by clicking on the link Display images, which is normally located at the top of the email.

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