Configure cart communications on your platform

Once your shopping cart is activated on your Yapla account, you can customize the communications that will be sent to buyers. 



There are two types of communications for shopping cart purchases on Yapla:

  1. The 'Your payment was received' communication: This communication will be sent when the buyer has made a purchase via the cart on your website.


  2. The 'Completing your basket: payment needed' communication: This communication will be sent if the buyer has made a purchase by selecting one of the following payment methods: check, Interac transfer or cash.


All the content of this communication is customizable. You can customize the content to suit your image. To learn more about text formatting in Yapla, click here.

To learn more about keywords and how they work, read this article.

WARNING: If you activate the communications of your shopping cart, don't forget to deactivate the automated communications of the other features you use (Events, Members, Donations), to avoid your users receiving several copies of the invoice.

To learn more about the list of automated communications available in Yapla, click here.

For more information on how to configure automated communications, visit this link.

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