Collecting In Memoriam donations

If your organization receives donations in memory of a loved one (In Memoriam donations), you can use Yapla to collect these donations, as well as the information of the deceased and the family to be notified. Yapla allows you to have a different form for these donations to collect the information only when necessary.

There are 2 ways to create this form: 

  1. Create a campaign dedicated only to In Memoriam donations. This will allow you to have different texts and communications, but you will also have 2 different links to share, which can be confusing for your donors.
  2. (From the Essentials plan) Use the same campaign, but with 2 types of donations. This allows you to have only one donation form, where the donor makes their choice at the first step:  


No matter which method you choose, the first step will be to create the form. You can create as many fields as you want, but here are some suggested fields that will be useful: 

  • Name of the deceased
  • Do you wish to notify the family of your donation? (Yes/No)
  • Name and contact information of the person to be notified
  • Message for the family

Please note when creating new fields: the native fields, with names and contact information, are those used for communications and tax receipts. Therefore, they must contain the donor's information and not the deceased or the family to be notified.

If you have decided to use a different campaign for In Memoriam donations, your campaign is ready to go online. If you wish to collect these donations in the same campaign as the single donations, there is one last step.


Create a custom donation type

In your campaign, click on the Configuration tile, then on the Donation Types submenu.


You will need 2 different types: a "one-time" or "to the foundation" type for regular donations and an "In Memoriam" or "in memory of a loved one" or "in honour of" type. Choose names that will be clear to both you and your donors.

For each type, choose the order in which it will be displayed, activate the checkboxes Proposed to admin and Proposed on the website. so that the type of donation appears in the donation process and choose the form associated with the type.


As soon as you have created the 2 types of donations, they will automatically be proposed in your form.

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