Manage your medias

Yapla allows you to manage your downloadable files in one place. These files can then be added as clickable links on your website.

Accepted file types are: png, jpg, gif, zip, rar, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf.

The maximum size for an image is 2 MB and 5 MB for a file.

If you want to add PDFs online, here's how to do it.

Activate this feature

In Setting, select the Services tab and verify that the "Media" service is enabled:



Configure and organize your medias

When activating this feature, or later following the path above, click on the orange Configure button.

In this interface you will be able to organize your media using categories or keywords: 

  • A document can have only one category
  • A document can have several keywords



Add a document

In Configuration, select the Document list thumbnail and click on Add Media at the bottom right



Three fields will be available to you:

  • Name: Name of the document (public information)
  • Description: description (internal use only)
  • File: field to upload your document. Don't forget to compress your file before uploading it! You can use this free tool:


If you have created categories or keywords, two additional fields will be present to allow you to add them to your document.


Search your media

Once you have added your media, you will be able to search for them using a search engine based on the following criteria: 

  • Name
  • File type
  • Catégory
  • Keywords
  • Status : Active or inactive


Consult a document and its use

When you consult a document added in your management center, several additional information are present: 

  • Preview: allows you to view the document
  • Download link: this is the link that will be used to share the document
  • Number of downloads: indicates how many times the document has been downloaded.
  • File name: the name given when the document was added
  • Type of file
  • Creation date


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