Choosing between creating a website or personalizing the web page (monopage) of your campaign

From the Take-Off plan, Yapla sets you up a simple, fast and efficient web page, enabling you to receive online payments. We call this page a monopage.

For each of your donation, event or membership campaign, a unique and customizable page is created. Here's how monopage works, as well as the differences between it and the creation of a website.

What does this page look like?

The monopage consists of a header, campaign or event, and a footer.



How to personalize and find the monopage?

The creation of this monopage is automatically proposed at the penultimate stage of the campaign creation process. 

  • For the member module you can find this step by going to ;

- Member > Settings > Web Page

  • For the donations module you can find this step again;

- Automatically at step 3 of the creation process.

- Also by going to: Donations > Campaigns > choose the relevant campaign > Web Page 

  • For the events module you can find this step again;

- Automatically at step 4 of the creation process.

- Also by going to: Events > Events > choose the event concerned > Web Page 


The header

Header configuration is done via the "Web page" section;




You can choose to display or not a logo, to choose the company logo or to add a new one.

You can also change the main color of the page. This color is applied to the banner at the top of the page as well as the main elements of the campaign or event on this page. For example, the "Amount raised", the donation thermometer, and the "Make a donation" buttons.






What are the benefits of the "Take Flight" package for the Website application?

- Organizational membership management 

- Personalization

- Personalization of the member's area 

- Addition of members-only pages

- Remove the "Promotion" from Yapla 

- Display several events or donation campaigns on the same page 


Online help article on the creation of the website :


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