Add a membership to a member in back office

Once a member has been added to your repository, it is important to assign them a membership so that they can be active and enjoy all the benefits of membership. 

Adding a membership 

To assign a membership in the back office, you must first add a membership to the member by going to the member's file, in the current membership tile. 



Click on the "+ Add a membership" button.



Then, you have to select the right membership and choose the price, the start and renewal dates of the membership. The default price entered is the regular membership rate. However, you can change the amount if you want to change the price for this particular member. Note that this option is only available through the back office. 



All that is left to do is select the "Process as first time member" option and fill in the billing information on the next page. You will need to fill in the payment method as well as the billing information. 




Going further

Add a membership through the website

The Member Section module of the website allows you to display a registration form. Once configured, your members can proceed to their registration directly from your website. They will have to choose the type of membership they want and will be able to proceed to the payment. 

Payment method

Yapla allows you to configure and manage the different payment methods used by your NPO: credit card, check, bank transfer. If the payment method you want to use for the membership payment is not available, you may be able to add it. 

Renewing a membership in back office

Even if the renewal of a membership is normally done by the member in his member area, it is possible that you have to renew your member's membership in the administration.

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