Synchronize Yapla events with the smart newsletter

In the newsletter, select the area where you want to display the event. Once you select the area, the editing module will appear on the right.


Content type

To display the content of your events, select the "Yapla Events" module. Please note that you must have events in you want Yapla to show them in the newsletter.

Note: Only upcoming events are available in this module, current and past events will not be available.



If the application allows you to save a lot of time by avoiding copying and pasting texts or images and redoing the formatting, you still have to choose how to display the content. You can:
  • Give a title to the zone (not mandatory).
  • Define the display mode (Featured event, two columns with intro or with thumbnail).


  • Define "how far back" Yapla goes to search for events, and whether the selection is restricted to certain categories
  • Define the display order
  • And finally the language of the content retrieved

Once you have selected your choices, Yapla integrates all the corresponding content and you can choose which events to display specifically from the available events:

  • 1 only for featured event ;
  • 1 or more for two columns; 

Finally, the button mceclip4.png allows you to have a preview of the final result.
Don't forget to mceclip5.png .

Add a call-to-action button

Your events are now automatically displayed in the newsletter, in order to allow your readers to go to the event on your website and sign up, it is important to create an action button. 

⚠️‼️ It is important to note that the action button directs to a single event page, so you need to have an event page on Yapla with the mosaic view.‼️⚠️

Here are the steps to create the action button under your events in the newsletter: 

  1. Use your event page (mosaic view) or create an Event page with all your events. You can hide this page by checking : "Do not display this page in the menu of your website"

    To learn more about this point, please consult the following article: Event Section

  2. Go to your event page on your website and click on the detail button of one of your events.
    In this example, we will use this page:

  3. Copy the url of the detail page of your event:
  4. Paste the url of the detail page of your event in : Event Application > Settings > Settings

    Then in "Settings", paste the URL in the "external link management" field:


  5. Replace in the URL link the ID of your event by the keywords as indicated below: 
      • Replace /FR/ or /EN/ by :  /__LANG__/
      • Replace /the-2021-montreal-golf-bicycle-classic/10585 with //__ID__
  6. Go back to your newsletter and save your event module again and the buttons will appear. 
Please note that customizing the event module requires some knowledge of HTML.
You can now send your newsletter with the event module. 
For your next newsletter, you can simply change the events by checking the ones you want in the event module. 

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