Disable team creation option

Participants in your peer-to-peer campaigns can form teams to encourage each other, and have a common team gauge on their team page. However, some events (such as a race) require team creation to be disabled. Here's how to do it.

How to disable team creation?

If you've created a peer-to-peer campaign and enabled team creation, you can reverse this option. To remove this option, go to your Campaigns, from the Donations feature on your Yapla Dashboard.

Select the peer-to-peer campaign you wish to edit, then click on Configuration. Then click on Team management and uncheck the Allow participants to create teams box.


Once team creation has been deactivated, it can be reactivated by following the same procedure.

I deactivated the teams by mistake. Have I lost everything?

When you deactivate team creation, the data is retained even if the teams list no longer appears in your account. You can therefore retrieve your team information by reactivating the team creation option.

Going further: managing teams of participants

You may need to edit the details of the teams participating in your collection. To do so, you can go to their profile and change the information. See our article on team management for more details.

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