How to share a document via a newsletter

You can share documents via your newsletters by using the text editor in the HTML module. This allows you to create hyperlinks, which link to the files of your choice.


Add a hyperlink containing a document

You can share text files (.pdf, .xls, .doc) by creating a hyperlink from the text editor. 

To do this, you must first insert a zone displaying an HTML module.

Then click on the button to add a link to the text zone, as shown below:


A dialogue box opens. Click on Browse Server. Then, drag your document to the Yapla server like this:


Make sure you put your file in Files and not in Images.

Your document is now accessible from this hyperlink. 


Add a hyperlink to a web page containing several documents

In the same way, you can create a hyperlink to a web page that contains several documents.

Proceed in the same way:

- Create an area containing an HTML module

- Add a hyperlink to the Web page of your choice

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