The HTML editor or WYSIWYG

The HTML editor or WYSISYG (What You See Is What You Get) is an indispensable tool in the creation of web content. It is a graphical interface to generate HTML. It looks like this:


It is used everywhere in Yapla where it is possible to generate HTML. It is available in :

  • The configuration of communications sent to your members, donors, participants and contacts ;
  • The Custom Content module in the Website application.
  • The content of an article and its introduction
  • Editing directory views
  • Newsletter application
  • And many others!

Buttons and functions

Here is a list of its buttons and functions:

  • Source: Allows you to modify the html code generated by the WYSIWYG
  • Cut-Copy-Paste: To copy text from a website or the software, use the Paste as plain text or Paste from Word buttons to clean up text from formatting that may conflict with the style of the site.
  • Undo/Redo : allows you to correct an error
  • Delete formatting: deletes all styles, without deleting the text
  • Bold/italic/underlined/barred/exposure/index are used to change the text formatting.
  • Show blocks : allows you to see the delimitation of html elements.
  • Numbered Lists/Bulleted Lists
  • Decrease shrinkage/Increase shrinkage: allows to make indented lists
  • Align Left/Center/Right Align/Justify
  • Link/Remove Link: allows you to insert a link to another website or to a document in CKFinder (your custom server).
  • Image: Use this button to add the image on the server and display it in the HTML area.
  • Table/Horizontal line/Insert special character
  • Text Color/Background Color: Use sparingly to ensure good text legibility.
  • Format: Titles, subtitles, paragraphs
  • Size: Modifies the size of the text (use sparingly to ensure good readability of the text)
  • Keywords: Allows you to add a dynamic keyword, depending on the attributes and context of the editor.
  • Enlarge: puts the editor in full screen

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