Transfers of your payments to your bank account


Transfers from your Yapla account to your bank account are made every 1st and 15th of each month.

It can take 3 to 4 days before it appears on your bank account, depending on the institution.

You can view the history of your transfers by going to the Accounting > Payouts. You can consult all the payments and their possible commissions as well as the refunds by clicking on a transfer.


Balance and available balance

Yapla distinguishes the balance and the available balance paid to you twice a month.

The balance is the amount of all your transactions on your Yapla account.

The available balance is the amount of all transactions older than 15 days, minus refunds. Yapla retains each transaction for a period of at least 15 days before paying it back to you.

For example, a transaction made on September 5 will not be available for a transfer on September 15 because it was made less than 15 days before. On September 30, it will be eligible for transfer.



A refund has an immediate impact on your balance and your available balance. It deducts the amount from your available balance. If the amount of your refund exceeds your available balance, then the transfer will be shifted to the next period with an available balance. 

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