Obtain proof of insurance from your members

It is possible to add a step when selling or renewing a membership to obtain proof of insurance.  This feature is often used by professional associations.





To use this function, you must access the Insurance tab in the configuration of a membership type.



The "Insurance" tab allows you to activate the functionality for a specific membership type. The content of the Insurance tab must contain at least one item or form. The item allows you to describe your organization's insurance rules and the form allows you to collect the information.


The proposed forms are all the forms that are not already associated with a context. It is therefore usually necessary to create a new form to use the function. To ask for proof of insurance, you just have to make some fields of your form mandatory.

Member form

The member's card contains an Insurance tile.


In addition, in the relevant membership form, an insurance section is available to display the form's data.

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