How to add custom fields that will be automatically sent to Zapier

You can easily transfer information from Yapla to thousands of applications using Zapier. If required, it is possible to send additional information by using hidden fields in the registration form. 

Why add custom fields? 

In some cases, applications need an ID or additional information in order to successfully process a successful call to the external application. For example, when sending registrations to an e-learning platform (LMS), it is sometimes necessary to add an ID number to identify which course in the LMS the participant has registered for. 

To do that, create a custom field and activate the hidden option in the registration form. This way, when calling the Zap, the data in the hidden field will be sent to the application. The participant will never know about this field cause it is hidden.

Setting up a custom field in Yapla 

First of all, in order to configure the field, go to the Events application, choose your event from the list and then choose the "Forms" tile. 


Choose the Forms tab and select your participant form.

Important Note : If you have two or more forms for your participants, you will need to add the field in all forms.


Once in the form, configure the form with all the fields you want for registration. Then add a new section. 


When creating the section, make sure to check the box: "Show this section only for administrators".

This way this section will not be visible for your participants. 


Once the section is created, a new field must be created. 


Select the correct field type.

Important! : You must select a field that allows you to enter a default value (Date, Incremental, Selection list, Single choice answer (radio), Text or Textbox).

For more information about custom fields, read this article: Managing custom fields.  


Once the type of field has been chosen, indicate in Default value, the value you want to send via Zapier.


Then, add the field in the new section and make sure to put it in read-only mode. This way, the value cannot be modified and will only be visible in administration. 


That's it! The field can now be sent via Zapier to the application of your choice. 

To learn more about how to connect your events and send registration information via Zapier, read the following article : Connecting Yapla events with Zapier. 

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