Update payment information for a recurring donation

Your recurring donors may want to change their banking information or the frequency of their payments. You can easily modify this information from your Yapla account. Here's how to make changes to your regular donors' profiles and payment information.

Where can I find my recurring donations?

In your Yapla Dashboard, click on the Donations feature.

From the drop-down menu, click on Recurring donations. Select the recurring donation you wish to update from the List of recurring donations.

Repeat this procedure to access each of the recurring donations you wish to modify.

RD list_EN-CA.jpg

Modify donation terms and/or donor information

Once in the selected recurring donation, you can modify the amount, the donation dates and the type of receipt to be issued. To access the options, click on one of the tiles :

  • Management of a recurring donation: to change donation frequency, dates or other details
  • Donor: to change the donor's contact details
  • Payment informations: to change bank details and payment methods.

Don't forget to click on the Save button after modifying the information.

Add a new recurring donation as administrator

Donors may ask you to modify the recurrence of their donations. Although they can do this from their Members Section on your site, you can take care of this manually. Just make sure you have their bank details to finalize the process.

To create a new recurring donation, select the Donations feature, then click on Donors.

From the list, select the donor who wishes to make regular donations. A new page appears: click on the Recurring donation management tile. Now click on the Add a recurring donation button at the bottom right of your screen.

Recurring donation tile_EN-CA.jpg

add RD button_EN-CA.jpg


Going further: give your donors access to their history on your site

If you've set up your site with Yapla, you'll be able to dedicate a space to your Donors, so that they can consult the history of their donations. Follow the simple steps described in this article to configure your members section!

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