How the Association application works

Yapla allows federations to manage associations.  To do so, you must use the Association application available in the Premium package.


The concept is simple, the Associations application allows you to group all the Yapla accounts of individual NPOs under a parent Yapla account for the federation. 

There are two modes of operation. The centralized and the decentralized mode.

The centralized mode

The centralized mode consolidates all association data within the federation account. Association accounts are used only for access management and billing. 

Advantages of the centralized mode

  • Federation managers have total control over the use of Yapla by the associations.
  • Certain payments received by the associations can be cashed by the federation.
  • The federation manages the access rights of its associations.

Disadvantage of the centralized mode

  • The associations use the Yapla functions defined by the federation's administrations.  Associations cannot choose the package of their choice. 

The decentralized mode

The decentralized mode consolidates only part of the associations' data. In fact, it consolidates members' data and membership. This operating mode is used by federations that are not responsible for the management of associations.  

Advantages of the decentralized mode

  • Each association has its own Yapla account and can choose the package that suits it.
  • The basic data of all members is available in the federation's account. This data can be used to communicate with members.  For example, it is possible to make newsletter campaigns to all members of all associations.
  • It is possible to create a secure area, on the federation's website, where all members of all associations can log in. A unique password is used between the association site and the federation site.
  • It is possible to organize events, promote them to all members and apply reduced prices for association members. These revenues are returned to the federation.

Disadvantage of the decentralized mode

  • The federation does not have access to all the data of the members of the associations.



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