Accounting with the Yapla payment method

With Yapla, you can collect transactions as soon as you open your account by using an online account called "Yapla Account".

Several accounting items will allow you to manage the amounts transiting through your Yapla Account.


In the Yapla payment method, three accounting items allow you to manage your accounting.


The accounting item "Bank" (default 1000 - Bank) allows you to define the item associated with your bank account. You have the possibility to modify this accounting item.

The accounting item "Yapla Account" (1200 - Yapla Account) will allow you to record all movements on your portfolio. When a payment is made this account will be debited. And it will be credited during bi-monthly disbursements. This accounting item cannot be modified.

Finally, if you use a payment method with a commission, the accounting item "Commission" (4100 - Transaction fees) will allow you to record the commission fees charged on each transaction, according to the terms of your package. This accounting item cannot be modified.



Tip mode

If you have a Take-Off package, you can choose between a "Tip" or "Commission" mode of operation.


If you choose the tip mode, the accounting behaviour will be as follows: during a transaction, the money received is debited from the Yapla Account.


For a donation of 10$ in "My donation campaign", the following entry will be recorded.


10$ are recognized in the revenue account (3000 - Sales), while 10$ are debited to your Yapla account (1200 - Yapla Account).

Commission Mode

If you choose the commission mode for your takeoff package, or for all higher packages, a commission is applied on each transaction.

Take-Off package :



Flight package and superior :


This commission will be reflected by a debit to your Yapla account during the transaction.

Example : 


As in the previous example, $499.00 is recognized in the revenue account (4000 - Revenus), while $573.73 (499.00 + taxes) is debited from your Yapla account (1200 - Yapla Account).

But this time, a transaction credits your Yapla account with $22.68 and debits the commission account (4100 - Transaction fees) by the same amount.


Thus, all transactions made on your site or from the Yapla application are recorded on your Yapla account (1200 - Yapla Account).

At the time of a bi-monthly disbursement, the accounting department will notice a movement from your Yapla account to the bank account (1000 - Bank).

For each disbursement, a single entry will record the movement, combining all transactions older than 15 days.


The two $10 transactions we have just described will be paid back to your account in the same disbursement, through the following entry: 



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