Send login details for your new management platform to your members

Congratulations! Your organization is now all set up on Yapla and you're ready to welcome your members. There's just one last step before launching the platform: you must let your members know that they can now log in to complete their member profile.

Preparing the communication to send the password

Go to the Settings tab in the Members application and click on Communications.


Once there, select the Add Message button to create the email Communicate password to all members.

See this article for more information on how to configure your communications.

See this email as an opportunity to:

  • Welcome your members to the new platform
  • Give your members instructions on how to log into their account for the first time
  • Present your different membership levels to your members
  • Present your events and donation campaigns, and invite them to participate

Creating a password for the first time

The default text for the email provides your members with their login information. If you've imported your members and their membership types, they will still not have a password and you must make the following modifications to include a reset password link in your membership campaign.

  • Go to the Settings tab in the Members application and click on the Web page tile.
  • Click on View page and your membership campaign page will open in a new window.
  • Click on I'm already a member
  • Click on Forgot password
  • Copy the page's web address and include it in your email. Explain to your members that they must reset their password in order to log in for the first time.


  • If you've selected different languages in your member profiles, you must ensure that you create a separate email for each language.

Send the email to your members

Go to the Settings tab in the Members application and click on Communications. 


Once you're in the communications settings, go to the tab Sending Handler.

Lastly, click on the button Communicate password to all members to send your email.


  • An email will be sent every time you click on the button Communicate password to all members. Ensure that you only click on the button once.
  • The email will be only sent to active members or members awaiting approval.

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