Obtaining contacts' consent to subscribe to my newsletters

Yapla Newsletters gives you the possibility to easily obtain the consent of your contacts. 

Your contacts are sorted into three categories of consent: tacit, opt-in, and double opt-in. These three statuses reflect the degree of commitment of your contacts. They allow you to quickly have a report on the status of your contact database and to implement strategies to seek consent or re-register for your communication campaigns.

To learn more about contact types, please see Newsletter Subscription Consent Management.

Obtaining consent (opt-in)

To obtain opt-in consent, you can

  • Convert by hand a tacit contact into a confirmed contact (opt-in) via its contact profile (note that the activation of this function is irreversible).
  • Put a subscription form for your online newsletters on your site, the contact registers himself and automatically obtains the status confirmed (opt-in).

Obtain a confirmed consent (double opt-in)

To confirm consent, you can:

  • Make a validation request by email when registering. If the contact who registers consults the email and presses the confirm button, this action will automatically transform this contact into a confirmed status (double opt-in).
  • Make a specific campaign to get this confirmation.
  • Add a link on your classic newsletter and collect the confirmations.

Use the templates for consent

You may decide to attempt to convert your contacts to confirmed status.

Add to your newsletters the opportunity to unsubscribe or confirm the subscription.
Yapla provides you with two buttons for configuring your template to add two generic links: "Unsubscribe" and "Get Double Opt-in".

To add this link, simply click on your current newsletter template where you want to add it and then click on the "unsubscribe" or "get double opt-in" button. You then have the possibility to name this link: for example, "unsubscribe", "confirm my subscription to this campaign". The link will automatically be placed in the place where you clicked. You can then format it as you wish.

By clicking on one of the two links, the contact will take an action to change his status. These are links and actions managed by Yapla and do not require any action on your part except adding these links to the newsletter.



To learn more about contact types, please see: Newsletter Subscription Consent Management.


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