Payment method - Advanced features

Depending on the package you use, there are several functions that allow you to control the payment functions of your Yapla account.

Available from the Flight plan

Several payment methods are at your disposal:


  • Credit card - Payments are handled directly by Yapla. No action is required on your part to receive your first payments. You will need to authenticate your account in order for us to deliver the payments received.
  • Check - You can offer your customers the option of paying by check. They will need to mail the checks to you. The status of your payment will be "Pending Payment".
  • Payment Simulator - This feature allows you to test your payment. Use with caution.

How the Check payment method works

By clicking on the "Configure" button, to the right of the payment method, you will have access to an interface allowing you to specify the instructions your customers will have to follow to send the check.

It is possible to use the pre-formatted message, which uses your organization's name and address in Yapla, or to specifically define the instructions for the payment method.


Available from the Orbit plan

Visibility of the payment method

For payments that are made from your website, it is possible to offer one or more payment methods only to people connected to your site. You can even specify a group of people, for example, members with a specific membership type. At the payment stage, the system will check if the person is connected and will propose the payment methods you have configured.


Available from the Galaxy plan

Add a payment method

The "Add Payment Method" function allows you to define an unlimited number of payment methods. This function is used by organizations that manage several bank accounts according to their activities. For example, the payment method used to receive donations may be different from the payment method used to receive payments for training activities.


Contact our support team for more information about this function.


Don't forget to always associate the right accounting item for each payment method.


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