First steps – Members Application

Yapla Members is an application available to Yapla clients that allows them to consolidate their member data, automate communications, save time, and receive payments faster.

With the Flight plan, you can import your existing member base to start a membership campaign. Your members won't have to create a new account—they simply log into your new member space to renew their membership and/or update their information.

To access the platform, choose the Members tab from your main dashboard or select the Manage members option.


Here are a few articles explaining how to configure Yapla to manage your members:

  1. Create a membership campaign
  2. Modify a member profile
  3. Import and update members with the import wizard
  4. Import memberships with the import wizard
  5. Understand the validation process
  6. Customize automated validation communications
  7. Customize automated communications
  8. Configure your private member zone
  9. Configure your member directory
  10. Understand the reports available
  11. Manage organizational memberships
  12. Manage memberships for multiple family members
  13. Send login details for your new management platform to your members


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