Management of newsletter subscription consents

Yapla Newsletters gives you the ability to sort your contacts into three categories of consent: tacit, opt-in, and double opt-in. These three statuses reflect the degree of commitment of your contacts. They allow you to quickly have a report on the status of your contact database and to implement strategies to seek consent or re-register for your communication campaigns.

To learn more about obtaining consent from your contacts, please see: Obtaining contacts' consent to subscribe to my newsletter.

Types of consent

Tacit consents: all contacts added in Yapla Newsletters (default mode).
Confirmed consents (opt-in): all contacts added using a registration form.
Confirmed consents (double opt-in): The contact has confirmed twice (upon registration, upon receipt of an email) that confirms the subscription confirmation request.

The number of contacts belonging to each type is visible in the "Referential" box of your dashboard of your Newsletter Application.


Consent management

From the "Administration" menu, select the "Consents" tab.


In this tab, you can organize your consents and thus limit the sending of your newsletters according to the status of your contacts. 

The option "Automatically send an email confirmation for new contact (double opt-in)" will send a confirmation email automatically to new contacts.

The option "Always limit sendings to" will affect all campaigns. Here you decide whether to send only to confirmed contacts (opt-in or double opt-in) or to all your contacts regardless of consent.


It is also possible to configure this option for each individual campaign.

Manage consents in an individual campaign

You can check the status of a contact at any time and see if it is tacit or confirmed (single or double opt-in). Thus, at the level of the configuration of your campaigns, you can decide to address only confirmed (opt-in), confirmed (double opt-in) or all your contacts without distinction of consent.

However, if in the global configuration of Yapla Newsletters, you have already made choices in the management of your consents, these will inevitably influence the number of contacts you address in your campaign. Change this criterion as previously demonstrated f you want to address all your contacts without consent restrictions.



Consult the history of a status change

In your contact form, you can directly see the status of your contact between tacit, confirmed (opt-in), and confirmed (double opt-in). Yapla goes one step further and allows you to see when your contact changed their status and with which method. Thus, in your contact's file, you can find useful information for your management: the date of his status confirmation, the IP address with which he made this confirmation. In the case of a confirmed status (double opt-in): the date of the email that gave the status is added.

Finally, the form also includes the main language of the contact (French or English).


How do I address only to my contacts with confirmed status (double opt-in) ?

You have two possibilities:

Possibility #1 - Click on the Administration tab, go to the "Consent" page. In the proposed options, select "Always limit sendings to". You have two choices: "confirmed (double opt-in)" or "confirmed (opt-in)". Click on the first one. Save. Your system now only addresses "confirmed (double opt-in)".

Possibility #2 - Click on the "Campaigns" tab, select the campaign you want to configure to be addressed only to confirmed (double opt-in) contacts. In the campaign manager, you must click on the "Details" tab and then modify on the right side of the box: "Limit sending to". Three choices are proposed to you: "no limitation", "confirmed (opt-in)", "confirmed (double opt-in)". Select the choice "confirmed (double opt-in)". Save. Your campaign is now only for contacts with the status confirmed (double opt-in).

Manage the consent of your contacts with "tacit" status

In some countries, the law requires proof of implied consent based on the relationship with the contact. Yapla allows you to add an explanatory note that summarizes your relationship with the contact directly in the contact's record.

Disclosure of sender's contact information

It is strongly recommended that you disclose your full contact information to your senders in the footer of each campaign. Yapla automatically shows the data from your account's profile. Make sure your profile is complete.

To verify or update your contact information: Administration > Account

For more information on obtaining consent from your contacts, please see: Obtaining contacts' consent to subscribe to my newsletter.

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