Modify a member information sheet

Displaying a member profile requires a form containing your different fields. The basic form can be modified at any time to display only the information you need.

Modifying the form

To modify the information appearing in your members’ profiles, first go to the Settings in the Members application. Then choose Forms.


In the Forms tab, you’ll see a list of all of your forms. Choose an existing form by clicking on it. You can also choose to create a new form by clicking on the button Add form.


In both cases, you can configure your form according to your needs by dragging and dropping the desired fields. You can also create new fields. All of the forms in Yapla's different applications are configured in the same way.

Assigning the form to member profiles

Once you've created the form, go to the Contexts tab to assign the form to your member profiles.


The different contexts are divided into two sections: the website (accessible by members) and the Yapla platform (accessible by users).

For the purposes of adding, editing, and viewing members within Yapla, go to the appropriate section and select the form according to the context.


When done, click Save. 


Further information

Visit the basic forms section of Yapla

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