View the statistics of a sent newsletter

Once the newsletter has been sent, the complete statistics are available through the "Statistics" menu in the newsletter details.

If you cannot see the statistics, make sure the newsletter has been sent.

Statistics of a sent newsletter

The "General" box contains a summary of the statistics:


Data Description
Number of contacts number of contacts to whom the newsletter was sent
Opened Emails number of people who opened the email
Number of bounces invalid emails
Unsubscribers people who clicked on the Unsubscribe button
Spam complaints people who clicked on the "Report this email as spam" link
Status Sent when the sending is completed.


Trackers follow-up

Trackers are the urls present in each newsletter. It is possible in the statistics to know the number of clicks for each link.

The "Trackers" box contains the list of all the links present in the newsletter and the number of people who clicked on each of them.

If the newsletters have a lot of similar links, it is possible to rename the trackers in order to find them more easily in the statistics.


Tracking statistics for specific contacts

The "Search" box contains a list of all contacts, with the date the email was opened.


Make a personalized search using the different fields:

  • Trackers: allows you to see who clicked on each of the links
  • Status :
    • Opened emails: Contacts who opened the email
    • Not opened emails: contacts who received the email but did not open it
    • Bounced: emails that have not been delivered.
    • Spam: people who clicked on the "Report this email as spam" link
    • Unsubscribes: people who clicked on the "Unsubscribe" button
  • Name: contact name
  • Email: contact email

Clicking on the name of a contact allows you to edit its file.

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