Create a newsletter

Once your campaign is set up, you can create and personalize your newsletter.

Where to create a newsletter?

To create a newsletter, you can click on the "Create a newsletter" button on the left side menu of an existing campaign.


You can also click on the "Create a newsletter" button in the left menu of the "Newsletters" section.


Creating a Newsletter

To begin the creation of your newsletter, you must fill 4 parameters in the "General" section:

Option Description
E-mail subject The subject that will appear in the email received by the contact.
Pre-Header A short introductory sentence that will appear in some email software.
Send mode
  • Immediate: as soon as the "Send" button is clicked
  • Scheduled: on the chosen date (you will still have to click on Send to start sending)
Campaigns The campaign associated with the newsletter


Click on "Next Step" in the upper right corner. The newsletter is now ready to be written and configured. You can modify the information previously filled in, manage the integration with social networks and the general style of the newsletter.

Integrate content

Select an area to be edited and insert content using the different modules:

HTML Module

The text editor allows you to easily format text by adding different styles and colors. It also allows you to insert elements to the content: images, urls, tables,...

Image Module

Select an image and configure its display (width, alignment...)

Yapla Events Module

Sync your Newsletter to your Yapla events. Configure the module to display your events automatically.

Yapla Articles Module

Sync your Newsletter to your Yapla articles. Configure the module so that your articles are displayed automatically.


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