Control the proposed rates for additional registrations

Yapla allows you to limit the use of specific rates when registering multiple members by the same registration manager. For example, you can limit the special student rate to a single conference ticket, even if that member registers several other participants, using the multi-registration mode.

Where can I set up additional registration rates?

First go to the Events application and then choose the event you want to set up from the list.

Choose the "Settings" tile.


Then select the "Multi-Registration" tab


In the "Rates offered for additional participants" section, you can choose whether the additional participants are entitled to the same rates as the member making the registration or to different rates. If you choose to offer different rates to additional participants, you can choose from your existing rates in the field provided:

mceclip2.png This way, the individual member who logs in will see the rate reserved for him/her. By adding more participants, he will not have access to the same rates, but to the rates indicated for the additional participants. 


If some of your members are representatives or delegates of organizations, you can also configure the rates for their additional participants. 


Configure them in the same way as for individual members.


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