Test a Newsletter

When your content is integrated into the newsletter, before sending, always test to ensure that the content is correctly displayed.

You can test your newsletter in several ways:

Preview the newsletter

The Preview button allows you to see the newsletter as a specific contact.

This option is perfect for testing dynamic links and keywords.


Send a test

The Send a test button: Allows you to send a test email to a specific address, or to a test filter. Dynamic links and keywords will not work.


By clicking on "Send a test", 3 options are available:

  • Insert a destination e-mail: allows you to send a test to any address
  • Send it to myself: send the test to the email used to connect
  • Choose a test filter: sends the email to a test list created from the filters. Allows you to send the test to several people at the same time.

Click Send to send the test.


Send the newsletter

When everything is finished and tested, click on the Send the newsletter button to send your newsletter.

Before sending, a confirmation message will indicate the number of contacts who will receive the newsletter. 


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